Biden Gets HUMILIATED During Speech at Summit

Biden Gets HUMILIATED During Speech at Summit

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Joe Biden gets heckled because no one cares what potato brain has to say. He’s fallen up the stairs too many times and must have hit his head…He’s starting to sound like a communist dictator.

The first time I ever heard of Joe Biden was during one of his famous trucker sob stories.

As Joe tells it, still to this day, his family was out for a drive when a drunk trucker (“A trucker who drank his lunch instead of eating it”) plowed through the family car, killing his wife and baby daughter.

What really happened: Joe’s wife and kids were heading to buy a Christmas Tree when Neilia Biden blew a stop sign. The truck driver (who didn’t have a stop sign) overturned his rig attempting to avoid hitting them, but his effort was in vain. He was the first person on the scene attempting to render first aid and assistance.

The driver, Chris Dunn, was fully cleared of any wrongdoing after the investigation, but died a broken man in 1999, haunted by the memory of what happened.

Joe has misrepresented the story many times, been called out on it, and forced to apologize to Dunn’s family, but either won’t remember or care afterward, and repeats the same story.

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Biden has proved that Trump’s policies were fantastic.

His approval ratings are at record LOWS Let’s Go Brandon Bring back TRUMP!

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