Assassination is Attempted on Justice Kavanaugh, MSM Buried the Story!


Image from video below…

Ben Shapiro
– In the middle of the night on Wednesday, police arrested an armed California man near Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s home after the man allegedly told officers he wanted to kill the justice. The legacy media all but ignored the story.

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The lack of coverage alone is evidence to how these creatures operate.

Justice Kavanaugh has my full support now, I hope he make his decision on Roe V Wade without interruptions. Never bow down.

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  1. Please stop calling them the MSM and instead the FNM (Fake News
    Media) or the LNM (Lying News Media)…..they are just like their LIBERAL PAL SHOWN, “CHUCKIE SCHUMER”, aka LYING, FAKE MEMBER OF CONGRESS!


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