ANOTHER Bank Collapse! – NO WONDER WHY! – Meet The Head Of Investment! ‍♂️



At 75 years old I am stunned at the number of certified ding bats running this Country. Absolutely stunning!

I’m 63 years old and I can only imagine the hell that people are going to go through over the next 20 years.


  1. Why? Why do these businesses hire people who are obviously mentally ill to make business decisions?

    Time and time again they end in disaster.

    The question I now have is why is it ok to discriminate based on age or being white it these nut cases are allowed to run banks?

  2. If they can’t decide which side of the fence they’re on, or, if they’ll sit or stand up when they go pee then doesn’t it make you wonder what the Hell they’re doing with your money?

  3. This idiot doesn’t seem to know what he has between his legs. If he can’t figure out basic human anatomy then how the hell is this idiot expected to run a bank?

  4. The WOKE now require a picture of genitals and a list of pronouns in order to be considered for high-dollar, executive positions. The rest of us can pick up the pieces after they decimate our savings, our safety, our military, our children… HOW THE HELL IS THIS HAPPENING?? I’ll tell you. Those who are deviates are fixated on only ONE thing. When I was in the Health Care work force, we had many homosexuals on staff and one thing we all commented on was how they focused on one thing… Homosexuality. Lunch was an unnecessary, vile description of sex acts, Glory Holes, their partners, where the best homo vacation spot was,,,, nothing mainstream. So…. why are we surprised? They are a one-trick Pony, as it were.. They are allowed to parade around their perversion in public and gain money and praise for it… so Why not? It works for them and destroys us. Here in Denver, a TV station paraded out their Homo anchors and informed we residents of Denver of their preferred pronouns.. OMG…. I’m so relieved , I was sooooo worrried about that Bullsht. What if I make a mistake?? THis crap is something we never cared about and still didn’t until it became obvious how much harm they can do globally… WE are in deepsht.


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