ABC News Turns On Joe Biden!! It Just Got Worse For Him…



If this guy received 1/100th the media pressure that #45 received, he’d burst into flames like a vampire in the sun.

God Bless President Donald J Trump and Governor Ronnie D ❤


  1. Looks good to see the MSM turning on the pile of worthless shit they helped to steal the election to put this senile shit smelling pile of trash in the whitehouse. But just like what they did to the Clintons, the MSM will send a couple of young reporters to Joe’s house with a pair of knee pads to all will be forgiven in the end.

  2. From Mikle: We got 2 deferential law in this country. One for them , one for rest of us. They can do whatever they want ( Biden Clinton ), but
    if person take $20.00 , he will go to jail. They take millions and nothing.
    This call American democracy.

  3. The dumbocraps are even jumping ship with hidenbiden,this complete,incompetent,failure, is an embarrassment to even them.It’s time to get rid of senile, lying, racist,perv,puppet,joe he is just to useless, to them any more,and becoming more of a criminal every day.Didn’t this hypocrite, trash our great president DJT, who is still president, I thought so,he lies every time he opens his pie hole.

  4. When I was a teen and Pres. Nixon wanted to take his doct. and could not take them according to So why did Obama take 33 million that’s according to USA Today so old Joe did it as senator, V.P. so why are the dems bail on old Joe so they have their backs up against a wall this is a losing issue for them you don’t Harris is more incompetent as old Joe have you seen S.F. lately and what she did as a A.G. of S.F. Even her sugar daddy Willie Brown one Cal most corrupt politician has comment on stupid she is.

  5. He will refuse to comply. Dodge, delay, excuse, plead, hide, call for others to fight for him, discredit attempts for all prosecution evidence, use a team of high powered lawyers for defense, and every possible resource will be provided by outside sources.
    Something to consider is these actions will also happen when anybody with power, privileged position and financial resources is charged with a crime or crimes.
    “Turn about” is fair play until the final charges and evidence result in a conviction. The public reaction to acquittal or conviction is a whole different story.


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