44,000 Hours Of J6 Footage RELEASED To The Public, Here’s A PREVIEW!


Mike Johnson, the newly appointed Speaker of the House, recently announced plans to release a staggering 44,000 hours of footage from the January 6th Capitol breach incident. This monumental decision comes as a direct response to growing public demand and the need for transparency surrounding one of the most pivotal events in American history. By releasing this extensive archive, Johnson aims to provide an unfiltered glimpse into what truly unfolded during the chaotic siege and enable both researchers and citizens alike to draw their own conclusions. Despite potential political implications, his dedication to openness reflects a broader shift towards increased accountability in modern politics. As the world prepares to witness this colossal trove of information, it remains to be seen how these revelations will shape our collective understanding of January 6th and its consequences.


Keep sharing and speaking the truth ABL!! Trump 2024. MAGA!! FJB!!

1. They didn’t all look like Trump supporters.

2. The violent people should be dealt with accordingly.

3. It wasn’t a good idea to enter the building after witnessing idiots breaking windows and fighting with the police.

4. The people who were inside parading by the police looked a lot like the BLM rioters who paraded through gauntlets of applauding nurses during the lockdowns (lefties didn’t criticize the latter).

5. Officer Byrd’s use of force and adherence to the use of force continuum has not been properly scrutinized publicly.

6. After the BLM riots and the recent antisemitic riots, it seems that one’s political beliefs determines one’s punishment.

7. The democrats are cool with violence unless it happened on 1/6.


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