With only 5 Words Ron DeSantis Foreshadows His Fight With Donald J Trump



The last thing Republicans need is an internal fight.

Truth is DeSantis got elected because of TRUMP.They need to remain working together…Let Trump finish what HE RIGHTFULLY STARTED. DESANTIS VP..if he MUST ..but hes much more needed right where he is as Governor


  1. Sadly, I hope President Trump decides to not run in 2024. He was an amazing president but what the country NEEDS now is calm. DeSantis is the one who can attain it. We as a nation desperately need a NEW GENERATION. I’m hoping and praying that for the good of the nation, President Trump does the right thing.

    • Mare, Trump is still “uno” Number1 ! He deserve win or lose to be the man!! If it comes to DeSantis I would absolutely vote for him!!! Do not look for either to be the “SECOND” in command its not in their BLOOD!

  2. Trump is still the republican party,without him they would be alot worse off. The talking heads, of McConnel who held money from candidates,and gave money in hawaii to rhino murkowski against Trumps pick,McCarthy can not be speaker, biggs,scalise,jordan,McConnel needs to be removed,he’s traitor.If change isn’t made in voting and everything else.U repukes will never win another election, without playing fire with fire.The dumbocraps cheated u right under your nose.Ballots falling out of the sky at the last minute to benefit a dumbocrap,bullshit.

  3. With all this fighting with DeSantis I’m beginning to wonder if Trump is getting the same old folks disease as poopypants senile stupid Joe has. This doesn’t make any sense. Trump should offer the hand of friendship and offer the VP job with him. I can agree with Florida not wanting to lose their governor at it seems all this talk about drafting DeSantis into a presidential run in 2024 is coming from OUTSIDE of Florida. I like both of them but if I had to choose one or the other at this point I’d go with DeSantis. Trump should remember the words of Reagan, “Do not speak ill of your fellow republican.”

  4. There’s no doubt in my mind Trump was good for America and it would have been great to see him pursuing drainage of the swamp, there’ just too much injustice and crime happening within the democratic party, they have to be disloged, but now Trump has to take a pass.
    If he runs and wins he will not be able to focus with all the legal issues swrirling around him, and if any of those court actions bring a criminal charge it could be game over; we don’t him defending himself but defending Americans.

  5. The country is not going to get calm because the Dems are going to push and nudge and pick at our Bill of Rights until they no longer are worth the paper they are printed on. When in a war a pacifist General is the least effective. So his tweets are mean? Grow up. So his confidence in himself is larger than life? Do you want a wallflower? So his hubris is over the top? At least he was never laughed at and made fun of by world leaders. So he touts America First when other tout China or Ukraine first? Makes sense to me. Calm and safety at what cost? Buckle up America. It’s going to be a bumpy ride one way or the other.

  6. Without Donald Trump you would have -0-. He has worked his behind off getting conservative people in office for midterms, and this is the thanks he gets! Really? A few stupid Republicans have done more damage in the last few days than the Democrat Party could have hoped to do! I like DeSantas, but it’s not his turn YET. Despite the Democrat hoopla all during his first 4 years, Trump was on the ball and our country was rolling. I am convinced that he was the legitimate president in 2020, not Biden. (And they are still cheating in the elections.) Our country has suffered as a result…thank you Pence! I am amazed at the flack and lack of loyalty some of the Republicans are spewing even before the midterms are finalized. It shows a definite lack of character. They sound like a bunch of childish sour pusses. Not a good look (all the way around) and reason for the people to trust our government!

  7. De Santis, as much as I love him, might want to give some credit for his success (remember it used to be a blue state) to the man on whose coattails he rode on. Trump defined, energized, campaigned for, and raised the standard for The American First Party. A DeSantis VP could be a good thing but not if we lose Florida in the election. Back to Jail and do not pass Go.

  8. Trump and the Republicans need to read Shakespeare’s three essays on honorable political change (H4a, H4b, and H5). For WS and the rest of the country, H5 was England’s perfect king. Trump has had his time as playboy, politician, and media personality. Now he needs to articulate a Republican platform a la Newt Gingrich, not aphorisms a la Twitter. The country would be best served if he and Ted Cruz and DeSantis could sit down together and draft the defeat of the Democrats. Our nation was not built by just one person, but by the consultation and collaboration of many people of differing backgrounds, educations, and skillsets working together. Abraham Lincoln was known for his cabinet of dissenters who thought more about the Ultimate Unity of the Nation than their particular political position, vis et vis rather than vis contre vis.

  9. Donald Trump comes with too much baggage and too much narcissism. Trump was great while he lasted but now he’s past his expiration date! Time for bold new blood, someone that can reach across the aisle, DeSantis has proven he’s that guy!


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