What You’re Witnessing Is The Great Unraveling Of The Democrats


Everything the Democrats stand for is hastening America’s decline, Laura Ingraham says.


That’s one of the saddest and most disturbing things I’ve seen a child have to go through , no child should ever have to be put into a situation like that !! I would nt even want to see an adult go through it ! As a parent ur supposed to protect ur kids no allowed them to make life altering decisions like those

We are going to be seeing more and more people like that girl in this clip as these kids finally get older and realize what their weak parents did to them


  1. The dummycrat party went from being rich racist slave holders to the party of the working man to the party of the absolute screwballs. Their hey day was during FDR, Harry S. Truman, and JFK. I always felt the dummycrat party went into a slow death spiro the day JFK was shot. Now 60 years later everyone sees how the dummycrats are completely removed from sanity. The party is run by a senile poop filled pants stupid idiot, an ungly cement face stupid old drunk hag, and a prune faced idiot who thinks he’s a senator. And what happened to that young lady is a form of post birth abortion. The mission of the dummycrats is to destroy everything but their destruction will eventually catch up to them and they’ll be the biggest crybabies about it.

  2. Libs have been telling us all how the world should be for years and the ways the regular people have been screwing up the U S . They are now in charge of everything and able to make their vision a reality. We can now see how misguided , stupid and destructive their ideals are. No dem should ever be elected to anything ever again and none of their ideas, wants or desires should ever be given the time of day again. Anything they purpose should just be laughed at and dismissed as just plain stupid


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