Watch This: Reporter Corners Biden with a Question That Tells All…


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– Gary Franchi From reports, On Wednesday, Joe Biden admitted to not taking the baby formula problem seriously enough when it first happened and got visibly caught off guard when asked about the timeline of his response to the crisis. His remarks came after a meeting with formula manufacturers.

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Every time he says here’s the deal, you know a lie is coming.

Nobody addressed the fact that the boarder was having formula delivered nonstop while none was being put in the shelves in the stores.

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  1. A “boarder” is someone who is renting a room , perhaps in a “boarding house”.
    The BORDER is the demarcation between countries, such as the BORDER between USA and Mexico or the BORDER between USA and CANADA.

    Is THAT too difficult to comprehend?

  2. If he thinks he has bathroom problems now wait till the investagations begin in the House and Senate.


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