Watch Biden Get Humiliated During His Speech…


Image from video below…

Dinesh D’Souza
– This is hilarious.

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Biden has proved that Trump’s policies were fantastic.

His approval ratings are at record LOWS Let’s Go Brandon Bring back TRUMP!

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  1. Biden, stop f**king around with the people of your presumably country. I wish you know harm but I do wish you would get your head out of your ass and treat us as we deserve. Everything I read about the problems of this country belong to you. Quit playing games with us. Your actions since becoming President are unprofessional. I think I speak for a lot of folks who like me hate your lying ass. I hate to say it but I think Hillary Clinton would have done a better job running our country than you and I despise her. The best person got screwed out of a second term by the Democratic Party and I believe a lot of people regret casting a vote (or possibly multiple votes for you ) and now we all suffer from you being in office.Good luck asshole. MAGA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. There is NO HOPE as long as this cadre of INCOMPETENTS control what goes on in this country! Too late for “prayers.”

  3. Piss poor decisions, lousy judgements, compromised bought and paid for policy positions,they could not have elected more of an anti American leader then if you put in some Chinese communist war lord, maybe you have, listening to Hunter Biden brag about his influence over his fellow corrupt big guy father. Why do we have open borders for illegal’s, drugs, disease? the war on our energy industry? inflation shortages? all stemming from a corrupt leadership, making decisions against our American way of life, it’s values. His America last policy is killing our Country.The mid terms are coming closer, vote out these democrats, keep them out of impeach every ass hole who broke his oath to our Country to protect and serve, replace them with those who love our country and are not looking to line their own pockets, but serve the America they are trying to take away from us. At the rate most of his cabinet members continually claim covid relapses, they should all be tested for monkey pox, staring with that male clown running around the white house in a dress, then again we all remember the secret painting of bill Clinton in high heels and and a blue dress.The democrats have no moral attributes, oath breakers and liars, one and all. Their America last policy will cost them everything with the midterms upcoming. Put an end to corruption and abuse of power.

  4. Tell us something we didn’t know. Trump had things going in the right direction . Not sure why Biden and the democrats stopped everything that helped the people instead of the government. Or did I just answer my own question ??? Makes no scents at all . Now he stands there trying to walk it back by blaming everyone but himself. We best pray for a big change in the government after November. We’re going to need it .


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