Vegan Activists Get Rude Awakening After Attempting To Block Based Slaughter House Truck Driver



I don’t understand why anyone, despite what your support, would willingly stand in front of a truck, and then blame the driver for not stopping for you. That’s like next level mental illness.

I absolutely love to see people realizing they have no rights to be in the middle of the street.


  1. “Fuckin lunatic didnt stop”! Morons don’t understand roads are for cars and if you stand in the road you may get run over! Fuckin lunatics

  2. too bad the protestors are not dead. the only lunatics are the protesters. Go protest an abortion clinic.

  3. The guy in the video talks about the truck driver being a lunatic…..on the contrary the lunatics here are the die hard vegans that want to insist on how the planet should eat. Fine you want to be a vegan fine, just keep it to yourself. Talk about fascist and nazis! Bad people like this are the real pollution to the planet!

    • I do believe that Dashawn has hit the nail on the head.All these little lunatics have learned in school is that they are abused and deserving. “THEY HAVE THE RIGHT” Yeah the have the right…. the right to go find a job and to quit being a pain in everybody’s asre! (They are blessed with rights as are our politicians!) THey have the right to demand, insist, whine, stand in front of traffic, lie and none of it has an hint of education behind it. While the WEF have decided to aut back cow farts, reduce the population with poison laced shots, declaring bird flu, recalling huge amounts of “listeria” deadly food. No food, no gas, planes can fly, communist teaching our brain addle teenagers what more can we ask for? TO wake up with a Russian or Chinese armed guard on everyone doorstep?

  4. Stupid protestors are nothing more than a bug hitting the windshield of the truck going 60mph. Insignificant little pieces of shit.

  5. The term ID10T comes to mind when thinking about these vegans. You’re welcome to how you live your life and the truckers are welcome to live theirs as they see fit too. Didn’t their mothers ever tell them to NOT PLAY IN THE ROAD, it’s dangerous.


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