Torture Like That Should Be Illegal


Dinesh examines the ongoing feud between Donald Trump and Elon Musk, making the case that both are undervaluing the contribution of the other.  Dinesh argues that surging inflation might be a worthwhile price to pay for Biden’s deflating poll numbers.  Dinesh condemns the Biden administration’s last-ditch attempt to save the midterms by recruiting the federal government to work on behalf of the Democrats. Dinesh argues that Homer’s treatment of the Trojans can be seen in how the elders and King Priam treat Helen.


Dinesh, I hope BOTH Trump and Elon come back together, because TOGETHER the can in different ways, help to save America. Problem is the BOTH have Texas size egos. Hopeful Trump stands with Elon in a higher STANDARD… America doesn’t want NIT PICKIN’ BUCKEROOING over petty differences. I LOVE TRUMP, but he needs to be the bigger man and nip this garbolla in the BUD! HE’S smarter than this…. BOTH are.

Calling the Biden economy strong is like calling Democrat prospects in November strong.


  1. That is funny … Alaska is the biggest state in the Union NOT Texas. Both have big egos and Trump needs to stop ranting and acting like a child. The Governor of Florida ( a former SEAL) would be better President.

  2. Trump needs to consider the Republican Party over revenge against the democrats for how they perpetrated evil against him for 4 years and counting

  3. I don’t blame Trump for being angry over the stolen election. We voters are just as angry. But there is a silver lining in all this mess. The dummycrats have finally exposed themselves to being the corrupt power hungry greedy sons of bitches they are. Like Rush Limbaugh always said the dummycrats always hide what they really are but just look at their actions. The dummycrats are no longer hiding and they’ve turned this country into the most complete mess I’ve witnessed in my lifetime. Carter, Clinton, and Obama were all bad presidents but poopypants senile Joe is by far worse than any of them. Trump should put his focus on that and not Musk. The words I told you so go along way in what has happened and the best revenge for Trump would be poopypants senile Joe’s impeachment. The rest of the dummycrats will fall like a house of wet cards.

  4. Trump needs to act his age, for a senior citizen. Us seventy somethings aren’t senile yet, like pedo,joe. so we must act like adults, even though there are none in hidenbiden’s administration. Let the past go,and we will make the liberal,progressive,socialist,marxist,dumbocrap party totally irrelevant, for the next dozen years, they are incompetent of leading our country. So let’s replace most of them,especially all the dinosaurs, and commies.


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