The Governor Of New York Is Acting Like A Spoiled Teenager



JG in the morning is the best way to start your day! No BS, straight up truth! Love the in car office videos.

Expecting anything less than childish actions of the democratic party is well naive.


  1. Thank you Jerricho for pointing this out! I live in Crook, er Cook County in a suburb only a few miles from the Chicago city limits. Chicago has very tough gun control laws that do absolutely nothing to slow down the number of homicides in the city but if you bring up the violence to Mayor Beetle Juice…Lightfoot…she loses her temper. They complain about the guns coming into the city from Indiana and suburbs, because Chicago banned firearm dealers and shooting ranges from operating in the city years ago, however that might finally change, so what did they think was going to happen? It’s easy for gangs to pay people to make straw purchases and it’s almost impossible to detect a straw purchase. I have both a FOID and a CCL and one thing the state of Illinois got right was requiring 4 hours of classroom instruction on the legal aspects of both carry and self-defense laws, and I know about the “Castle Doctrine” which exists in Illinois and several other states and places where you can’t carry legally.

  2. Come on man … it’s not about gun control, they know that. They cant control their states they have now. It’s about people control. With all the corruption of the democrat party, they know they only have so long befor the people rise up to defeat them. They have to act befor that happens. All these years and nothing about taking illegal guns away. But now it’s about league gun owners. If they have them , they could use them against the democrats and they know this. So it’s league gun control. Beside illegal gun ownes will use them faster then league gun owners. And right now most illegal gun owners work for the democrats. Blm, antfia and the Muslim groups all work for the democrats. You can see how the democrats left the criminals out of jail. Just be ready cause it’s coming, one way or the other it’s coming.


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