Teachers Can’t Question Kids for This INSANE Reason…


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Matt Walsh
– Matt Walsh revisits his interview with a trans wolf from his newest movie, What is a Woman?

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This is what happens when you don’t tell someone No, but instead let them embrace and even destroy their own identity.

“When and how did you discover this inner wolfness?” Words I never thought I would hear from one adult to another adult.

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    • I thought it was me thinking that! It is disgraceful. Teachers are not setting a good example for their students. Are there really any TEACHERS any longer? It is becoming more and more doubtful to me.

  1. I thought teachers were supposed to
    be examples of what they teach, but
    what I can see they are teaching how
    to lesbians instead of teaching how to
    be a normal human being. Why are
    they even allowed to hire these creeps?

  2. If that’s a teacher … then there’s the problem. Scince we can declare things , iam calling my weapon a cordless hole puncher. It’s no longer a weapon if mass destruction as Biden trys to say . Even the weapons we had in the service couldn’t blow a lung out of a body . Kill yes , but not blow out of the body . Funny how the government sent you to different country’s and kill people cause they were home . But to use force to protect your family is now a bad thing . The democrats say the homeless should have the right to take from you what they want , but not from them . They have armed guards with guns , go figure . Guns aren’t needed but they have them . Why don’t they have a case worker with a clip board protecting them . Isn’t that what they want to use to protect you after defending the police ??? You can’t make this stupid crap up , the delusional democrats really are this retarded in their thinking . And its only going to get worse if they have their way.

  3. is it legal to tax a wolf? Is it legal to shoot a wolf? if they identify as a deer and it is hunting season can i shoot them?

  4. What in the hell was that? These people have major malfunctioning brains. It is a now wonder why they end up offing themselves. Parents must be very proud!!

  5. Public schools are nothing but Concentration Camps government controlled. Brainwashing techniques used for decades are finally paying off. If that nutmeg was in front of me, I would tell him, “if you got a dick you ain’t no chick.”


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