SHOCK REPORT: Hunter Biden’s Prostitute Got a Fat Check from Joe Biden


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– Gary Franchi From reports, A prostitute who appeared to be one of First Son Hunter Biden’s favorites according to his infamous laptop reportedly received over $20,000 in stimulus money shortly after Joe Biden took office.

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Only thing that would surprise me is if anyone in Biden family did something honest and normal.

It’s frustrating when people get rewarded for bad behavior while those who play by the rules get screwed

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  1. Americans are hurting at the pump, biden asking for lower pump prices, the bidens are selling our oil reserve to communist China?.Why are the bidens can selling off our oil National Oil reserve Reduced now by 50%, ALERT NATIONAL SECURITY RISK, In the first three months of 2022 alone, the U.S. sent nearly 52 million barrels of oil and petroleum to Communist China, Who the fxxx set this deal up ? Hunter Biden?

  2. Another big scam artist. The innuendo alleging that J. Biden gave a check to this women is exactly why most sane people hate the reporting of your scumbags!

  3. This might be an historic first: a lying political hack paying a whore for services rendered to his son and getting caught and exposed.

    Is anyone surprised?

  4. So joe biden paid for prostitutes. Well that is impeachable right there.

    More prove of the biden crime family.


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