OMG: Watch what happened when Senate Candidate Fetterman tried to do an interview



Well, he certainly fits in with our current president and this administration!

It’s hard to believe that is the best America can put forward to serve as a Senator


  1. Don’t we have candidates that are not stroked or brain tumors, look and listen to what doctors say about brain injuries, even if they are ok for a time, they deuterate mentally. They are impaired mentally. They never have what they had, they can only function. as well as they can. They continue to have undetectable mini strokes. over time the strokes show like aging quickly clonability is deuterating quicker than a person who hasnt had a stroke.

  2. Sad part of all of this is that the Left is going after the reporter for doing her job. And I also feel she is a REAL journalist!! Something so rare in today’s major media. Instead of Mrs. Fetterman criticizing the woman for doing her job perhaps she should be investigated for spousal abuse for pretending her husband is healthy.

  3. This stroke has really hurt and damaged fetterman.He can’t speak, any better than dementia,joe neither should be in office,without a cognitive test, and a brain evaluation, so we the people know what’s going on with them.We know he is a radical,liberal,socialist,marxist like most dumbocraps, wants to empty prisons,no bail,flood us with illegals,defund cops.He isn’t fit for one of the most important,offices in government, if u can’t understand,u don’t belong there.See ya.

  4. This person has never had a real job other than being Mayor of a small community which he made unlivable. Now he wants to make Pennsylvania unlivable. Good God people of Penn. can’t you see the forest through the trees? He just wants to get in office and live off the back of the American tax payers for life. He could care less for any of you.


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