Must See: Russian Sanctions Are Hurting U.S. WAY MORE Than Russia


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– U.S.-led sanctions were supposed to cripple Russia’s economy and force Putin to pull out of Ukraine, but it turns out that the suffering from these sanctions in an interdependent global economy are spread around, as American consumers are discovering with record-high gas prices.

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I get more actual news from a comedian than the entire American news media combined

“Sanctioning ourselves” is polite version of fucking ourselves.

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  1. Well we all know he )F.CJ.B. is not of the side of the USA and it citizens , because he is a TRAITOR , and is in rasputin’s back pocket .

  2. I’m not sure why the American people are putting up with Biden nor do I under stand why Biden keeps drawing negative attention to himself

  3. Come on man !!! Biden knew if he sells to China, China will sell to Russia. And Biden looks like a hero for putting sanctuary on Russia. It’s a win win for everybody but us in the usa . The price of oil go’s way up and they all make millions on it while looking like the good guy. Not fooling me tho .


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