All states need to adopt Florida’s system. This is ridiculous.

The system was run by Katie Hobbs, the woman running for Governor. God help that state if she wins and runs the state the same way.


  1. The Goal posts have changed ?,….
    Again ?,….
    Come on now arizona !,….
    As an Alternate Election judge in the state, that gave arizona it’s Independence and Start,….
    And became an Independent republic,….
    Before we lost our way and joined the union I can tell you that we had our votes counted and the results printed out and reported by 19:15,….
    and for those who cannot tell time that would be 7:15 P.M.,….
    we knew that “beat-off o’dork” had seven votes,….
    We had the votes Electronically and On paper and everyone was able to see in their hand Upon completion of their selection,….
    that their vote on paper was the same as what they selected on the machine,….
    They were tabulated,….
    Recorded Electronically and we had a paper backup,….
    That they could check if they so chose,Upon completion,….
    We packed up the Equipment and had it delivered back at the county seat with the paper backups and Electronic tabulations by 20:20, Including a twenty five mile drive,….
    By midnight the results were tallied and phoned to the state capitol,….
    Reported on the news,….
    And everyone was happy and Asleep !, And we have a damned sight more people than Arizona !,….
    Of course we don’t use that Dominion JUNK, That flip-flop, fail to Tabulate, manipulable crap,….
    Average Time in the polling place was ten minutes, and that Includes six minutes of chewing the fat with your neighbor before leaving,….
    But then again we all had Day-jobs in the morning, We do this as a matter of civic duty,….
    And those who do not vote, Do not Count ! literally ! ,….
    And They also know better than to complain ! They didn’t vote !

  2. The Gist is of course use better machine’s that also have a paper trail,….
    get better people, get the job done, go home,….
    we are the second most populace d state in the union,….
    people are payed for the Job of running the polling place,….
    we only have 254 counties,….
    I Only work one of the 225 polling places,….
    and we got her done, in fifteen minutes, after the polls closed, delivered on the far side of the county, one hour and twenty minutes after they closed,…. and the voters of the State knew in less than five hours after the close, who had won and who the loser was, how many had voted and how many slacked, we have in our polling place, 555 voters, 57 voted in person, 42 voted Early, and six voted by mail due to age or infirmity,….
    but five thousand would have been no different, we just wouldn’t have been Bored for six of the thirteen hours!.

  3. DemocRats are masters at rigging elections, this has been going on for years back, american is just now noticing it, as it has got out of hand and is noticeable,(with Trump and Biden yo yo) Pelosi is the master behind this corruption, is how she kept her office for so many years, through corruption, How can you defeat the DemocRats when they cheat on elections? The rich is so dishonest, Lawyers are ruling the whole world, not just the United States, Lawyers has taken the world over, remember, Judges are lawyers also, money, power has corrupted the whole world, News Media is the rich lying(dishonest),
    Remember, God Loves You,


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