Leftists Get MUGGED By Reality…


Image from video below…

Ben Shapiro
– Amidst the violent crime, homelessness, and theft epidemic of San Francisco, Democrat politicians were slapped with reality as woke district attorney Chesa Boudin was voted out of office. Shapiro reacts.

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Living in California this news actually gives me hope that things can change and get better. I mean when the population most liberal city on the planet stands up and collectively says we are sick of this crime we need to change this … it was pretty astonishing. I live 2 hours away from the bay … I am surprised this happened. But it goes to show people will have to deal with reality and not political nonsense.

Just Imagine if California flipped to republican how much better California would be…

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  1. California flipped to RED the sooner the better . And MORE the ” LAND of MILK and HONEY ” those days are gone, .

  2. California’s are to completely competent cognitively to actaully learn from their voting mistakes.

    I just moved my 90 year old liberal mother in law into my house becuase she can’t afford the taxes she voted for in California. She was a professor at uc hayward 35 years ago.

    She hates everything that is happening now. She hates the inflation, gas prices, stupid college students who show their ignorance everyday, the absolutely ignore professors, the ridiculous lefty politicians. She really hated the pelosi’s husband’s arrest information somehow got lost.

    Despite being completely aware of how stupid the democrats have made the world she will vote democrat.

    She is proof democrats, liberals, progressives can not learn. They can memorize and they can criticize, but they can not learn.

    It examples why biden talks about white supremacists 70 years after it was a thing.

  3. Yup Jake I experienced the same thing with my mother. She hated everything biden, pelosi, schiff, etc. did but she voted democrat. I told her the problems were her fault and her only come back was the she was afraid the Republicans were for big business.

    I literally yelled: “what do you think this is 1930, mom!”


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