Joe Biden Just Proved He’s Compromised


‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ host argues how President Biden is compromised and is selling America out in Thursday’s opening monologue. #foxnews #primetime


I Blame This Failing Country On Every Person Who Voted For Joe.

It’s heartbreaking to see good, hardworking men and women in this country being swindled out of everything. Not just money, but out of the very country they love!


  1. It’s time for a special counsel to investigate, crackhead hunter and his pay to play,the big guy and his 10% cut. We have had this information for very long time,FBI,CIA,DOJ. has been hiding and covering up, it’s time for some action on this criminal cartel family, that has sold our country out. to china,russia,iran,ukraine,and other countries.

  2. Unfortunately we will never hear this truth from the Socialist media. Unfortunately there’s people like die-hard Democrat voters who don’t believe this either. I take comfort in knowing that the day is coming when all this will be uncovered for all to see. Whatever a man Sows that shall he also Reap. Unless we fight like hell for our freedoms, they win.

  3. Didn’t hunter say his dad does what he wants ??? If so a Crack head with a illegal gun is now running the country. So yes I’d say old Joe is compromised.


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