Is This Proof That College is a Waste of Time and Money?


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Charlie Kirk
– Proof That College is a Waste Of Time and Money

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Make trade schools and apprenticeship programs great again. Supporters for reparations from public schools and universities that have failed to teach students trade life skills!!!

Charlie, I’m older, mid-60’s now. I now see the long term results of the white collar college thing. We are full of white collar jobs with no one out there that can build the building, plumb the building and so on that these white collars need to work in, besides live in. I think the coming season will turn this radically around. We are in such a deficit of blue collar workers across the board. We need them, it is foundational. Our Nation was proudly built by blue collar workers. We need the seasoned ones to come out of retirement and teach our youth. Love your show! ❤️❤️Show less

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  1. I learned to plumb and wire on my own because I was born in the hard times of the 30’s. But I then would buy run down ranches with run down houses and had my boy’s start to learn both when they were only 10 and 11 years old. My oldest son went on to College and did wonderful things in his life and in the house he bought to retire in at age 55, it had the old aluminum wiring in it as it was built during WWII when we ran out of copper. So he rewired it and today it is worth a lot. My youngest son went to work for the telephone company and ran a work crew on a crane truck and many other things at Quest. He retired at age 51. He also bought many old rundown houses where he did all the work in fixing it up to resell. Made good money there as well as his job. But young boys need Fathers to work with them in their younger years so they learn HOW TO WORK WITH GOOD WORK ETHIC’S.

  2. I really need to add a couple of things. First, I had the best of parents even though my Father only had school through the sixth grade, he had WISDOM. Both my Father and Mother taught us Wisdom and good work Ethic’s. Then I did that as well with my children. Today all Five are doing great. My grandchildren are as well because they were taught Work Ethic’s and Wisdom. All five of them. But I will say, I have been Blessed from the start with wonderful Parents and that has given me and all my family a wonderful life.

  3. Don Wohlers has hit the nail on the head!!! We were raised on a farm where you had to do things for yourself and if it was something you didn’t know how to do, you had enough common sense to figure it out! My 4 brothers ranged from poor to mediocre students in school, but there was nothing they couldn’t do in working with their hands. All 4 have exceeded in life… every job they have worked at they have ended up advancing to the leader/boss in their field. Everyone of them can do everything needed to build a house from ground up; All 4 have never met a piece of heavy equipment they can’t operate or work on. My oldest brother worked as a farmer, brick mason, mechanic, to a heavy equipment operator on the pipeline and supervisor on his lines. Not many college educated are making the kind of money he makes. Brother #2 was an award winning brick mason, after retiring from that he became a heavy equipment operator on a large construction crew. Brother # 3 was foreman on a huge farming operation, then was hired by USDA in the Beef Division, after retirement he now works for a school in Maintenance and Lawn & Garden. He just built a beautiful new home with a little help from his brothers! Brother #4 did go to Vo Tech and got his degree in Heat & Air where he excelled as a student and the University has hired him to come back and teach the classes! At present he runs a Heating & Air and Plumbing division for a Large Corp. I tell all this to show there is a lot more to having a productive career than books and a college degree. We are writing too many young people off because they don’t excell on school test. By 9th Grade it’s obvious when students are not college material… that’s when we should begin teaching these trades! Most are not fortunate enough to have parents that have these skills themselves these days, so they are not passed down like they used to be!

    • One would blame their parents for not guiding them in life . They never had them try even if they lost . One has to experience all sides to know . The best teacher is experience

  4. Well they did teach kids how to cross dress for drag queen shows , how to be offended by statues and words . Proper pronouns for what to be called depending on how you feel in any given day . With a fine arts degree for nothing to live off . Good job I’d say


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