Hollywood Legend James Woods WRECKS Gavin Newsom


Gary Franchi From NextNewsNetwork.com reports, Hollywood Legend James Woods took to Twitter to rip California Governor Gavin Newsom over his statement on abortion. Woods, an outspoken conservative celebrity actor, was responding to a previous message posted by Governor Newsom. Watch The Video below:


The SCOTUS decision was Spot On. I say KUDOS to you Supreme Court Justice’ that voted to overturn Roe V Wade and, may God have mercy on those that voted against. I can’t tell you where it’s found in the Bible but, it says, “Woe to them that harms a little child”. An Embryo is a small, developing child. It has life. Everyone that has participated in an abortion will rue the day they were born.

It didn’t ban abortions in this country. It simply put the question about them being allowed back in the hands of the states themselves. A right to an abortion is not specified in the Constitution which is why it is up to the states themselves. The Justices we’re simply correcting an error made in 1973. I think people should read the Constitution before they go off half cocked over this issue because their actions are showing their ignorance of the facts.


  1. Should have been fired once refusal began, to take the mental” fit for service test”, not fair for our Country to have someone who can’t do the job and spends more time on vacation then at work.Shows you democrats have more love of power, then any love of country. No end to joe biden BS and lies, were better off then most? WTF, inflation off the scales, no were not better off then most European countries who have lower inflation rates then us , most have less shortages then us, and most can do better dealing with shortages then us. Where the fxxx is the needed baby formula? Where are the self energy solutions? Let me guess time for another vacation at the beach, better check to see how Hunter is doing on the family retirement plan, the only surplus we have are illegal’s, and illegal imported drugs and big city crimes. Joe biden never took any fit to serve test and now it’s more oblivious then ever he is not dealing in any reality, biden lacks helm leadership skills.

    • this is so true. this is obama’s 3rd term. he must have a lot of trash on biden, so the old buzzard has to do what the muslim says

      • They’re all under SOROS,GATES,ROCKEFELLER, ROTHSCHILD, & FAUCHI’S thumbs!!!!
        Course Fauchi could be dead. Nobody has seen him. And if you did it was most likely a body double.

    • Yes that is correct! Biden has no idea what leadership is all about. He is a menace to our country, Democrats are the biggest threat to our nation!

  2. Thank you James Woods. Finally someone in Hollywood talks with sense. Our whole country is gone to hell and it’s nice to hear someone use thought before talking.


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