Girls Volleyball Team FORFEITS ALL GAMES Against Transgender Male Who Severely Injured Teammate



The fact that we have to clarify a person’s gender by putting “biological” in front of it, shows how far our society has fallen.

Let this be a lesson to all woman to never let a small minority group speak for them.


  1. The forfeits should have been made before the season even started. As long as you play ONE game, that’s one more small victory for the trannies.

  2. Why bother playing when you already know what the outcome of the game will be. Playing a game with a bunch of sissy boys (trannies) is a waste of time.

  3. Let these pathetic idiots have their own teams to play against each other and LEAVE THE GIRLS TEAMS ALONE! I wouldn’t want to be in the same building with these losers, let alone play on a team with them!

  4. Weight the tranny, calculate the weight of body parts needed to even things up and start cutting parts off to make it equal. Start with the legs.

  5. Just forfeit all games when these ridiculous people try to finagle their way into sports and destroy girls and guys sports. They just want attention at all costs. What next? Insist people in wheelchairs have the same rights in the games? Some things in life are just not fair, period. Get over yourselves. It’s called “life”! We ALL have some type of limitation in life!

  6. When the lgbt came out of their closet all this bullshit started. Transgender should be condemned playing against real women. Start your own teams and play against yourselves. Use your own restrooms. America had better get their heads out of their butts. You people who think I’m wrong are sincerely disgusting and want America to fail. God bless the Maga movement. Please you good folks in this country make sure to vote this Nov. to stop these woke imbeciles. God Bless all & God Bless America.

  7. I have taught 34 years of PE & have coached a variety of sports as well as played in college.
    I said it before & will say it again- this should NOT be allowed!!! However you were born biologically that’s the gender team you play on, no matter what the sport is!! SAFETY is a BIG issue!!
    There are male & female sports teams, try out for what you were born with- end of story! Take “it” off the team & let the girls play! Prayers for the girl player who got hurt & now may have symptoms the rest of her life!!!!!🙏

  8. Now let’s get this straight. If he still has his junk , he can’t be a female. Doesn’t work that way . Cut ya junk off and then maybe, but not untill. The fact ya want to play in girls sports tells the story about you. You suck in men’s sports. So playing with girls makes you feel tuffer, better. But c-mon man get real ya not a girl, never were, never will be, no matter how hard you cry about it.


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