Drunk Nancy Pelosi Wants To ‘Change The Subject’ On Inflation & Kamala Harris Thinks You Are Dumb!



Calling Kackala Harris intelligent is like calling Nancy Pelosi sober.

We are not concerned with UK inflation. We are concerned with US inflation.


  1. Cackles was not elected to anything she was appointed by Obama to keep Biden from being impeached Pelosi her internal demons are eating her alive

  2. I agree with Pelosi for changing the subject away from inflation. How about we talk about how stupid she is and that horrible ugly face the old hag has. How about finding out which brand of cement she uses for make up? Then we could talk about the fact that she’s so ugly she has to sneak up on a mirror and her drunk husband waits until after 2:00am to have anything to do with her because ALL women look good when the bar closes for the night. To get a dog to play with her, she first has to tie a steak around her scrawny ugly neck.
    As for Harris, it doesn’t take any real talent to be a porno star. She’s a flop at everything else. She should be nagging Hollywood to remake the movie Deep Throat with her in the starring role.

  3. It is with great sadness I will celebrate the republicans winning the elections in a few days,…. we wont have the old Hag with the grease-paint make-up to complain about, and as for cackles?,…. she will still be around but joe will keep her under his desk and out of sight,…. the new congress will force the idiot and chief to finish the wall,…. and then maybe invoke the 25th amendment after which they will impeach Cackles, and after that who will we have to make fun of ?

  4. and the flip side? maybe the incoming congress will make bounty hunting Illegals legal ?,…. and we can earn back SOME of the money they have cost us,…. and have a hellofva party,….

  5. Inflation in this case I believe is tied to the raising of gasoline and diesel prices due to the Biden administration shutting down the keystone pipeline and removing leases on federal land containing oil!


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