BLM Has Lost The Public



Saying BLM is for black lives is like saying Biden’s policies are for Americans.

Saying BLM is for social justice and for black communities is like saying Brandon is a qualified biker on the tour de france


  1. I’m glad she stood her ground and spoke the TRUTH!!! But unfortunately these idiots still gave her a hard time. BLM WAS AN CORRUPT ORGANIZATION THAT TOOK MILLIONS FROM AMERICAN PPL AND POSSIBLY OTHER COUNTRIES THAT WAS STUPID ENOUGH TO DONATE TO BLM!!!!!

  2. Mental illness and “breakdowns” are now the rote excuse for the evil in these thugs. A bad upbringing or a bad experience now gives certain ethnic groups free reign to go rogue. If I were a member of this group I’d be so ashamed to be the beggar, the incompetent, the disabled at birth who relies on being rescued by the members of the race they despise. . Give me money,, give me food, give me a home, give me free health care… Give , give , give and they take , take , take because they have no PRIDE, no self reliance, no ability to care for themselves and yet still complain about slavery. They are slaves to themselves and their own self hatred. Years have gone by to educate, advance, stand on their own feet and not hate being AA. What have they done? NOTHING. That is the problem.. Self hatred which leads to self destruction and incarceration. Maybe when they stop hating their own kind they can stop hating the rest of us and become a self sustaining group.

  3. BLM has always been a scam pretending to be a civil rights group. They actually hate MLK and his niece Alveda King. BLM does NOTHING to help black communities no matter where they’re located and about 40% of BLM is white. Plus, a lot of BLM is also in Antifa. Malcom X said to beware of the white liberal. The only difference between BLM and the KKK is the color of their sheets.

  4. If Black Lives truly mattered to these creeps, they’d be against abortion. Margaret Sanger had sent out a letter she never wanted the general public to know – legal abortion is intended to wipe out the Negro race in the United States.


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