Biden on How to Destroy the Second Amendment…


Image from video below…

Breitbart News – Imagine if he didn’t respect it.

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If he has “no idea” why someone would purchase a certain gun, maybe he shouldn’t be banning them until he does some research.

Let’s Go Brandon. Midterm can’t come fast enough

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  1. What a ignorant human being, he doesn’t have a clue about guns or ammo. Maybe he should educate himself, on what is happening in his lawless america, he has caused it all,and to stupid to realize it.Always blaming someone else, look in the mirror buddy,and u will see the problem. U.

  2. He’s right…ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!!!

    We have had more than ENOUGH of Joe Biden and his far left agenda and unconstitutionalism. He is killing us and our Beautiful America! HE MUST GO, along with his cackling hyena!! ENOUGH! ENOUGH! ENOUGH!!!!!!


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