Biden BREAKS RECORD As The Biggest Doofus To Ever Sit In The Oval Office!



Unfortunately the people behind him actually making policy and planning our demise aren’t doofuses. They’re tricksy evil bastards. They’re not “failing” either, based on their intentions. It’s a disaster for us, sure. But a big win for them so far, with a few recent stumbling blocks.

When he was Mysteriously elected I thought he’d be bad but that historically, the president doesn’t affect my life that much, and that we’ll just suffer the image. I was never more wrong. This guy has destroyed everything he touches. He’s the Midas but instead of gold, it’s crap. Literally no part of my life is better 17 months after his selection. And now, I’m just sure Kamala can and will do worse.


  1. The US is being paid for oil sales by China with slave labor profits, are the bidens being paid from the same? So… the president’s reprobate crackhead son is invested in a company that is buying our strategic reserves, while we’re paying more than $5 a gallon at the pump.Turner charged, “This is disturbing on multiple levels. To start with, the president told us he was releasing these reserves to lower the price of gas nationally,Treason or corruption or both?

  2. Ten years ago, people were ridiculed, name shamed and cyber bullied for speaking about The New World Order. Now, those who called them conspiracy Theorists and should wear tin foil hats, are now speaking out loud and publicly about a New World Order.
    So what we are seeing today, is just not in our neck of the woods, but globally. It has to be, in order, for a World Leader to arise and claim he can put humpty dumpy back together again.
    Biden is a puppet, just like Obama was a puppet. Trump wasn’t going to play their game, thus, making sure one way or another, that he wouldn’t be elected for a second term and they’ll make sure he won’t be elected this time around either. They MUST remain in control and will find somehow, someway, to maintain that control.
    This pandemic was a trial run. Control over your work, where to go, families and friends at each other’s throats concerning masks and vaccines. Depending upon the government for stimulus checks or unemployment checks. And we passed with flying colors, except for those who refused to follow government orders and who lost their jobs as a result of it.
    Biden is not a well man. We all know this. And his puppet masters have him and us almost exactly where they want us.
    Something will happen soon, that will have us eating out of their hands again and separate us as a nation, family, and friends once more. It is their goal and has been for a long time.

  3. The same people who orchestrated the cheat will try to find a way to keep joke Biden in office only to be removed and “ Legs in the air” Harris to take over. Obama loves Harris and was the one that told Joke Biden to make her the VP. My fear is that if they cheat again ( which is why they are bussing illegals to strong red states areas) to help w the swaying of the votes. We will have a second Civil war if that were to happen. Bed in is a bubbling idiot and I travel extensive around the world for work, people are making jokes about the Puppet joke occupying the WH.

  4. 80 million voted not for Biden but against Trump – his delivery system really. Beneath the surface, he did things right but too many today vote with their emotions, products of our school systems which do not at all encourage logical self thought or brainstorming (group participation to arrive at solutions) but instead one way route thinking, teacher to student


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