Andrew Tate Left SPEECHLESS By Today’s Court Decision! Things Get Very Interesting!



Anyone being locked up for obnoxious opinions, for 6 months, in any democracy is mind boggling. Policing language is finally here.

It’s not about justice or being fair, it’s about sending a message.


  1. Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Speak are TWO different animals a lot of People don’t seem to understand that

  2. You can say whatever you want. Doing something related to that becomes the issue. I worked in Health Care for 50 years as it transitioned from a woman’s profession to a mixed gender when men got a whiff of how much money they could make. Then it started. The harassment, the cursing, the verbal abuse, farting, filthy jokes at times even putting hands on female co-workers. They stepped in and assumed because they possessed a penis it gave them a step up. Most of these work places are like an army barracks. Am saying that this guy is indeed an F’ing PIG, like most of the male RNs I was unfortunate enough to have to tolerate. He is nothing new, or misogynistic , or sexist by HIS WORDS..I totally accept free speech, even for PIGS like him. He can say whatever he please, as can I, but if he trafficked or whatever else he is accused of? Then they need to put him on trial, pronto. Once my “endearing ” male co-workers started with the farting, grabbing, filthy jokes, I took a little trip to HR and they were dealt with… immediately transferred off the ward. A dick doesn’t make you anything but EXCEEDINGLY STUPID!!!!

  3. The way I see it you have the right to say what ever you want as long as you don’t communicate a threats. My mother had a saying sticks and stone may break your bone but word will never hurt you.


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