You Will Not Believe the Blatant INSANITY of This Leftist HR Recruiter…


Image from video below…

Matt Walsh
– Matt Walsh reacts to a strange TikTok rant from an HR Recruiter.

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I am an HR professional and people like her a littered all over the profession. It’s the reason I decided to go into HR, because I truly believe it’s my job to challenge other HR professionals over their nonsensical beliefs and practices. I am also a minority and it breaks their brains when I don’t agree with them.

She should be fired for this because she’s speaking on behalf of whatever company she works for and isn’t in charge. Unless the company is like “This isn’t directly from us” and nothing else happens like in Home Depot

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  1. WOW!!!! WHAT A NINNY she is, she needs some serious PROFESSIONAL MENTAL HELP, she is very close to the ” DOOMED LIST “. but I do not feel sorry for them, NOPE not a bit, no one told them they had to drink the kool aid and turn into a SNO-FLAKE.

  2. Who would employ such an individual? She should be fired immediately if she actually is employed. Apparently she’s in Canada so her insanity is not too surprising.

  3. What a sicko! This is a model for every killer in every horror movie! Kathy Bates better watch out as this weirdo will steal all her Stephen king roll?


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