WATCH: Joe Biden Isn’t A Clown, He’s The Entire Circus


It’s been a year since Biden became president, and the gaffe machine has carried on rolling. We’re looking back at his funniest fails, angriest outbursts, and most awkward mishaps of 2021.


“All jokes aside it’s actually scary that this man is the leader of the country” Lane Shaeffer

“I know it’s been said many times before, but Joe Biden isn’t a clown, he’s the entire circus” Cornpop was a bad dude


  1. Hasn’t this clown and circus, did enough damage to get rid of him,for total incompetency. This embarrassment can’t even read a cue card correctly. and he is close to the nuke button,no way.

  2. Decision made today democrats abuse of Federal monies to pay for abortions Look at the current miss use of money, misdirected funds that were authorized by Congress for one purpose redirected by biden for another purpose and his own political corruption.

  3. As a nation, we really need to define a list of requirements before allowing someone to be POTUS, and it should definitely include a cognitive test! We also need to place more limits on how Executive Orders can be used. Most of the harm we’re suffering from now is the result of Joe’s Executive Orders. I think it’s time to be like PETA and BAN JOE’S CIRCUS!!!

  4. The only difference between joey and the circus 🎪 is that unlike joey the monkeys who ride the bikes actually know how to ride the bike without falling off.

  5. We also need a cognitive test for voters. Mentally deficient people should not be allowed to vote, and if you have ANY kind of test whatever, no matter how simple it is, it would exclude a HUGE amount of Democrat voters.


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