USA Today ADMITS Fabricating At Least TWENTY-THREE Articles


Image from video below…

Timcast IRL
– USA Today ADMITS Fabricating At Least TWENTY-THREE Articles, Timcast Crew ROASTS Fake News

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That was an investigation into just one of their reporters, and that was just a tiny sampling of her work that they audited. Imagine the real number coming from their organization…

Imagine what would be uncovered, if this audit was done on more than one single reporter! And if those audits were done on multiple reporters, to EVERY media outlet! This was 23 redactions, from ONE reporter!

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  1. The former owners of THE NEW YORK TIMES would be turning over in their graves. The present owners…..not so much. 🤬

  2. Remember President Trump on the trail? ” FAKE News”, their they are, right there. Oh, look at their cameras going off. How does one believe anything the communist MSM has to say? Grain of salt and move forward.

  3. Hmmmm what a shocker!! This has been going on for years. Stupid people falling for this because they can’t or are unwilling to think for themselves. And to think these low information, easily fooled people are voting for our president. All they hear is “what’s in it for them” instead of being concerned about the entire good of the entire country.

  4. Well it looks like TRUMP WAS RIGHT AGAIN!

    All those times the media and democrats said trump was a liar for calling the media fake news. All the times they media claimed they “fact checked” trump. All democrat cheerleaders screaming trump was a liar.

    Here we are again. Trump ends up being the honest one while the democrats and news media end up being the lairs.

    This must make Rachel’s lair counter down to about zero for trump and about 300,000 for Rachel.

    Now should we start counting the Biden lies?

    Maybe we need a law that says any reporter, journalist, news host, commentator, editorial member, or celebrity caught lying to the public looses all degrees, credentials, and pays double taxes for life.


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