Trans Man Crying Like A Girl For Being Misgendered



It’s not transphobic to refuse to feed into someone’s personal fantasy

Seriously, she has an unnatural fear of her own gender, to the point that mere words sends her into a bloody tearful meltdown. Who is the phobic here?


  1. They’re phobic gender benders. No matter what they say they are they cross every line saying that they or nothing more than “It’s”. They can’t reproduce because they’re neither… Can’t inseminate and can’t reproduce. Let all of history, religion, medical scientific proof all just blow in the wind and go on with your life. I guess the best thing you can say is that since you can’t or won’t reproduce this stupidity will end with you. Thank God.

  2. You reason you demand validation is because you either don’t believe it yourself or you know what a pipe of crap you are pushin

    • It’s the Billy G’s dream come true. In one form or another the only ones who are NOT reproducing are the western societies and our birth rate is in the negative. Keep pushing abortions on women… killer vaccinations… and other negative reproductions BS and blatantly screwing with the genders of these individual who need some obvious mental health. While other countries carry on with increasing their birth rates. We have been the ideal country on the planet by believing in our values…. tell me different! Every other country on the planet wants to be like the US, They want to have what we have, family values, belief in God, food on the table that not only feeds our families but a good portion of the planet. Between England and the US the rest of the world love/hates us. Communism only has proven time after time that the people are poorer, poor health, less chances of getting their families out of the poor house. And YET our youth have been brainwashed with the money provided in good faith by the students to the communistic teachers leading them down a path of stupidity. Government funds these communists in our own country…mom and dad’s from the sweat of their backs to make sure their offspring can get a step ahead of what they had. Everybody wants to be like us but instead of creating these opportunities in their own countries they just want to walk in and take what has been realized here. Big problems like cultural differences will always be an issue. True … we can learn and share loads of information from each other but the basic inner belief of who we are and whether it’s Christian, Hindu, Muslim or Jewish and all of the traditions that were inbred into ourselves these things are so strong we just can’t except that aspect into our own beliefs .

  3. Load this idiot up and send her ass to INDIA, with a dowry and when she is forced to marry a man, and the dowry runs out, and his family douses her with kerosine, and torches her and burn her to death, then maybe she has something to weep about… Are Americans that ungrateful and that self-absorbed? We have nothing to complain about, ya’ll GOOGLE Bride burning in India, then break my heart because of a frickin pronoun

  4. How can anyone say they want something but can’t fight for it with out breaking down crying cause of it. If you really belive in something then stand up for it and never back down. Show weakness when you do. And saids you don’t belive what your trying to say.

  5. The more I have trannie and LGBT crap forced fed me by WOKE JOKES like this, the more I want to call the slobs by their CORREECT GOD GIVEN GENDER.

  6. Abolishing the draft was a serious mistake. We need 4 hours weekly compulsory military training starting the 10th grade and once a kid graduates from high school two years mandatory service. Dump all the LGBTQ and CRT crud from education teach practical skills and daily P.T.. Due to Progressive Moonbat interference and Marxist interference in out education system we are raising a bunch of whiny weakling wimps.

    • ABsolutely.. it’s time to stop allowing the child to tell the adults what is reality and make the parents teach their children about the hard knocks of life.


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