To Say The United States Of America Has Sold Out Is An Understatement At This Point In Time.


Red Apple Group chairman CEO John Catsimatidis says he thinks food prices may have peaked, but shortages could continue on ‘Cavuto: Coast to Coast.’ #foxbusiness #cavuto


We need a Law stating that Anerica does not sell land to our foreigners.

To say the United States of America has sold out is an understatement at this point in time.


  1. As long as TURD FACE is in the Peoples House ( White House ) As long as the FOOD CRISIS , GAS PRICES and BABY FORMULA CRISIS is still effect NOTHING will Never Ever Change. The Democratic Parasites in the House and Senate would quit and Go climb back In the Hole they Crawled out of the Country and the World would be a Far better place to LIVE in.

  2. But they have much more important things to deal with that only effect the fringe groups and minority groups in our Country. They must establish new pronouns, change our grade school cirricula to include homosexuality for fifth graders, must eliminate offensive descriptors, like ” gangs” or “homeless” from our vocabularies.. The homeless are now “people experiencing homelessness”… What the hell is the difference? A sidewalk is a sidewalk. The criminal has to have more rights than the victim, the jails must be emptied and the police disbanded.. Now tell me, with all that on their plates, how would you expect them to worry about jobs, manufacturing, gas prices, rapidly emptying dams, ranchers having to sell off their cattle, food shortages, and supply chain and truck transport issues? I mean really, isn’t all of that just bull sht? Annoying little details to burden their elite, enlightend lives?

  3. But “Biden is so good at creating new jobs” (if you call people trying to make a living again “creating jobs”) He must be doing something (wrong) because our economy is just as good (bad) as it was just after WW2. Our GDP is dwarfed by our recession /debt. I’m no genius, but even I can see how bad things are going. Why feed Biden’s “big lie(s)” to everybody? Why is it so hard for them to see what they are doing to every day Americans? Now they want to add more money to the (catastrophic)debt? Geometric multiplying of our debt can only reduce our power and abilities in the future. It is probably their plan. If they mess up everything, they may lose an election or two. A year or so into another administration, they can blame everything on whoever is fixing their mess. Then the con artists find useful idiots to help them get power again. Some people really annoy and depress me. Can we put them on the first flight to Mars?

  4. Who the fk is that stupid to sell our farmland to our adversaries, and then right next to a military top secret base, this is insanity, and the real sell out of America.Wake up, and find out who the hell is doing this idiotic, move? They already steal all our secrets, and we have people in our government in bed with china,we need to find that out too.


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