Those Air Force Commanders Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves!!



I totally agree with you JG!! ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ Drag Queens??? Those Air Force Commanders should be ashamed of themselves!!

It makes me sick! I was raised by my father on Air Force Bases! He was the best Dad ever and miss him every day! I lost him in 2018. I can guarantee you he would have NEVER stood for this! God save out country!


  1. agree with you 200%
    drag queens are the new clowns

    discipline self respect is what miltary teachs

  2. James , Ur correct. Joe China is a EVIL S o B and needs to be put BEHIND Bar’s. And if put Joe China , Ho Harris , AOC , OMAR , TLAIB , PRESSLY would have a HUGE pile GUTTER TRASH that needs to be Dispose of. And BRAIN DEAD , BLIND EYE Dementia Syndrome ridden Fossil Joe
    China put away in a Mental Illness Institution for thinking that the LGBT is the correct way of Life. Idiot always an IDIOT ! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ˜Ž

  3. Now we wonder why a blackened face with painted on white eyes and smile in a childrens comedy program was considered bad and a parade of men dressed and prissing around like women is a good thing for our children and told to put their hand over their mouths to keep from laughing.
    Good thing we haven’t tried to stop the Native Americans when they have tribal dances dressed like animals, birds, chickens or antlers.

  4. My son is in the Air Force and he said he wishes he was in back when they kicked fags out of the military. Today’s Air Force commanders are nothing but shit compared to Curtis LeMay.

  5. I served proudly in the AF in the 80s in SAC as a Pnuedraulic tech on B52 and KCs they were already pushing the idea that men and woman were identical in abilities Nope B52s in many area’s of the maintenance cycle PMs Phase dock or flight line work especially if you have a aborted launch with hot brakes those 8 brake assemblies weigh 250 a piece,I could do a 8 in 8 hours by myself minus backbleed and torqueing that was a static park as in not scheduled to fly.On the other hand the Buff that aborted launch was still scheduled to fly and it was going to fly supply was notified 8 brakes assemblies to the parking area that’s where ever they chose to park it and 6 techs OMS and everyone else lending a hand and even some of the flight crew getting involved going gangbusters this was when we were still in the Facade of the Cold War,we had 2 women one pregnant and the other a worthless feminist that caused problem to readiness unable physically to complete tasks they shipped her to a fighter squadron at Nellis that would not happen today you would deal with it.DUDA

  6. I served from 84-07 in my beloven Marine Corps. I have never been ashamed of our military and the way they conducted themselves these past year. We were taught to kill, not how to put on a womanโ€™s dress. Jesus Christ!! What is the hell wrong with this country? China is training hard to fight a war against the U.S. I think it will be up to the older folks to fight for this country while the younger kids are worrying about which lip gloss tk use. 23 years of faithful service and this is what I have to watch?

  7. This is your new woke military, u can blame that on hidenbiden,white rage milley,and darthvaderaustin, none should be in their jobs,all are total failures, and incompetent,fools. We need a military that is strong, and fearless, not one that is in fantasyland, with 29 different genders,wake up,we are on the edge of aniliation, could be sent to the dark ages, if shit doesn’t change.

  8. Homo’s, Transgenders according to the Bible makes God throw up !! He destroyed a whole city of 200,000 because of this horrible sin!!! So they make me sick and we should shut this movement down now!1 Climate Change for those that believe it is God getting our attention of how Satan is destroying America along with disease (COVID) the Demonic leaders of this country Democrats and Republicans!! Climate Change shut these people down! That would be a start in the right direction!!God first this America First would be a great start!!!


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