This Whole Fake Admin Is A Joke


Kamala Harris has lost two more top aides as the vice president’s office continues displaying a high turnover rate.


“She’s a failure” is an understatement that doesn’t come close to adequately describing her time in office.

This whole fake admin is a joke


  1. Kamala is arrogant, period. She somehow has talked herself into thinking that she is important, intelligent, beautiful and most importantly that she is a force to be reckoned with. She is none of those things and everyone around her KNOWS it. What a sad fool she is!

  2. We all know poopypants senile Joe is a compulsive liar and doesn’t know the difference between truth and lies. As for the ex porno star Harris, all sexually exciting noises made in those movies are faked and it really doesn’t take any talent to be a “star” in those movies.

  3. This woman is ignorant,classless,cackling joke, and a disgrace, that she can’t handle any job given to her. How is the border Czar doing,pathetic.Hasn’t had time to go to the cartels, border.She is way to busy,pushing more propaganda about republicans because they have nothing else.The whole adminstration is a total failure, trying to destroy,the middle class and poor, because they hate us.

  4. Well why aren’t anyone of us is surprised??? Biden was not fit for the WH and he won… right????

    I got a bridge in SF for sale, it is brand new. Cheap too!

    People who really think this joke did not cheat is an idiot!

  5. Biden won the White House by courting the Black Vote. He continues to pay the debt for their getting him in.. Just pray he doesn’t croak out while in office or we will have Word Salad Annie as our Pres… OMG. He promised them anything and everything they could possible squeeze out of Anglo America… HA!! Do ya’ think they’ve realized they got played yet?? Fewer freebies than they had anticipated. The only thing they scored were tons of TV commercials, like that could incentivize me to buy the crap they hawk.


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