This Just Killed the Future of Electric Cars


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“Can you imagine the power drain on the grid when everyone plugs in their car at 5:30 after work?” AZMike

“We can’t even maintain normal roads now we’re making roads that charge your EV? 🤔🙄” Chris Farmer



  2. The Biden and Kerry war on energy makes no sense unless you are benefiting from foriegn sources to gain financially right? Not their job to shut down American companies,or threaten American companies,or threaten American owners of companies or their CEO’s, or their employees not their job description, their abuse of power and office could be considered criminal or treasonous. US President Biden has been criticized as “morally bankrupt” and “weak” in regard to his energy policy after it was revealed he is planning to visit Saudi Arabia to discuss the global oil crisis.This is what the world thinks of biden, most Americans see no need to disagree with that statement that his war on the American energy industry is OK paid for by non American interest How many lies and democrat BS does it take too start impeachment hearings? Hunter Biden brags about his influence over Joe Biden, impeach every asshole who broke his oath to our Country to protect and serve, replace them with those who love our country and are not looking to line their own pockets.Total corruption? who is waving all import penalties and restrictions against China? What did America receive for these decision? illegal drugs from China coming in at an all time high, causing more then 100,000 deaths so far and still climbing, what have the bidens received for this decision ?The disgraced biden clan,a story of personal family greed, disloyalty to America, lies with no honor, false oaths taken, complete hatred of American ways, our American ideals, with direction towards the destruction of America, with their American last policy. How can so much money be taken from Americas adversaries without our country’s positions being compromised or influenced by foreign dirty money? Time for full investigations, the guilty be put on trail, for any disloyalty taken, money falsely taken, lying to Congress, have them return too tax payers’ money received under illegal’s methods or dishonest ways. Those who have violated our country’s laws must be prosecuted, put in jail and made to return all money taken in from their dishonesty. Vote them out of office and keep them out, they are driven by personal greed.

  3. 100% correct. Standing by and letting our country sink into oblivion by democrat politicians is treasonous and those participating should be brought to trial for treason. If you vote for a democrat you are helping to destroy the future of our kids for generations to come.

  4. The electric car NEVER had a future. They were tried in the 1960s and flopped and they’ll flop again. Old technology being paraded by stupid worthless dumbass dummycrats thinking it’s a new concept. What a joke!

  5. God help us Americans, we the people have given so much to so many here at home, but more importantly, we have given our blood sweat, tears, and our lives to the weak and disheartened all around the globe.
    Our ship “The USA” is sinking, but all those countries that we have supported over the past several decades are MIA . It will take a miracle for America to recover from this disaster, but my family and I believe in FAITH, please God Help us.
    Singh, Tampa Bay, USA.

  6. we are doomed, we are all doomed!! This is what happens when you let an presidential election get took from you without a fight.unless republicans grow some balls, this country is history

  7. I think electric cars are the wave of the future. We need to be concerned about our environment. The fossil-burning fuels will use for our cars are poisoning our air. We must build non-polluting electric cars or some other non-polluting car.

    • So electric cars don’t pollute the air ? You need to check your facts you’ve been lied to they are much worse polluters than gas but you’ll never get any of them to tell you the truth it’s a big con game and you’ve been hooked

  8. We need to impeach this entire dummycrap party, from hidenbiden down, no one is even qualified for their job,including dementia,joe. They all are incompetent,and they should all be fired, immediately for total ignorance.We have never had such idiots,pretending to run the government, over a cliff. U can’t fix stupid.

  9. Decision made today democrats abuse of Federal monies to pay for abortions Look at the current miss use of money, misdirected funds that were authorized by Congress for one purpose redirected by biden for another purpose and his own political corruption.


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