This Is The Most Laughable Ad In Recent Memory


‘The Five’ panel discusses California Gov. Gavin Newsom targeting Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis in a new political ad. #FoxNews #Fox #TheFive


That is the most laughable ad in recent memory. You’ve gotta wonder if Newsom really believes what he said.

Big respect to Ron DeSantis for not being a coward like almost all other politicians..especially Gavin Newsome


  1. U know there is something wrong, with this narcistic,blowhard, especially being related to piglosi, what a nightmare. He certainly proves what a jackass he is, move from Florida, to kalifornia, ya sure dummy, after u destroyed the state.

  2. First of all, Newsom is a pussy and without his ugly old cement face hag aunt he wouldn’t have gotten as far as he did. Her voter fraud machine went into high gear when there was an actual threat the wimp would lose his crappy job. But I do agree with one thing in the ad, and it applies to all red states, all you dummycrats living in red states SHOULD move to California. We don’t want you in our red states and you’re NOT welcome. Make our states redder and California more insane.

  3. The Left wing deals in every aspect of life, particularly campaign promises, with a WISH list. Picture a 5 year old telling Santa what they want.. The Left does the same. They put out the wish list of their constituents. Empty promises if they will be “good”, ie vote for them. FREE health care, FREE pre-K, FREE college, FREE housing, Free new genitals, Free new status to join women’s or men’s sports teams even though biology says “wrong one”., Coming soon? Marriage to a dog or a chicken or a ten year old, a thousand dollar a month basic income payments. Two states already doing it. The Right wing represent the parents… who realize that nothing is FREE and someone has to foot the bill and to cave to the demands of a child destroys a family, teaches the child nothing and burdens the family exponentially ( the family being our declining country). The real issues are pushed to the back burner in order to placate the whining child. The parent and family do without,,,, ya’ know , like the USA with NO jobs, NO manufacturing, NO affordable education or housing, NO gasoline , soon NO FOOD. Here in Denver the city spent over a million dollars to change the singage of a community who was “offended” by its name… They catered to a special interest group who would have been better served by my tax dollar to have a Trade School built to educate their youth, get them off the street and out of gangs and maybe even give them a productive future, but we have a new name and new signs. .Hallelujah!!! Money down the sewer to achieve NOTHING. Is it any wonder that Russia and China have been emboldened by this country which is turning not Red or Blue, but a pretty shade of soft PINK???

  4. Not sure what the add said but I can guess. More then likely it’s a plead for people to leave Florida and come back to California. The cal governor best stick to the Crack heads living in his city’s. He can win them over by letting them rob at will. But any normal thinking person see’s California as a 3rd rate sh#t hole state. They can’t keep the people living there yet alone get more to move there. Let the democrats and the illegals have California. The illegals are use to living in places like California. And the rich democrats can take them into their homes like turkey neck Nancy asked.


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