The AOC Charade Is IMPLODING!!!



Dejected AOC voters: AOC is a fraud!

Ultra MAGA: Hell, WE could’ve told you that! We DID tell you that!

I am glad to see that Americans are finally beginning to say, enough is enough!!


  1. It’s time for AOC to realize that it’s easier to be voted out than it is to be voted back in. She’s entirely too one-sided in her way of thinking. It’s time for progressives to realize that this nation is a melting pot of different thoughts and opinions and everyone is entitled to their own views even if they don’t match with her way of thinking. A view that is different doesn’t make it automatically racist.

  2. She is no different than the race baiters, she will use every opportunity to mislead the people into believing her BS. She is a egotistical young brat that people are finally seeing her the way she is.

  3. I read and/or heard after she was elected and turned instantly into a celebrity phenom because she was young, female, and attractive? by Main Stream Media that a young Climate guy had pushed her along, wrote speeches for her, etc. Later he left, and she really had to depend on her own intellect gained in college and as a bartender. Her own ideas were no more possible or with an ounce of horse sense than before, but every so-called journalist was anxious to shove a mic in front of her. That was even begun her first term when she was definitely a Junior Congresswoman with no special knowledge of history or foreign affairs or what damage the policies she claimed to espouse would do to this country. So what does that confirm about So-Called journalists in the USA at this time in history???

  4. To the guy holding the sign saying “Fuck AOC” I say YOU fuck AOC. I’d be afraid of catching a social disease that Penicillin can’t cure.


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