Pelosi Forgets Which Venezuelan President She’s Propping Up


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The Jimmy Dore Show
– Venezuelan pretend President Juan Guaidó has been one of the most unexpected victims of the Ukraine War, with the Biden administration publicly snubbing him while attempting to coax more oil out of the Maduro government and pointedly not inviting Guaidó to represent Venezuela at the recent Americas Summit in Los Angeles. Now, in perhaps the most embarrassing rebuke, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to not even know who Guaidó was when asked about his non-invite to the summit.

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She also used to call Trump “President Bush” over and over and over about six or seven times and recently she called the Ukrainian War the Iraq War

In fairness, Pelosi never forgets which stocks to buy on insider information

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  1. Both Biden and Pelosi are showing the signs of aging, which we ALL will have at some point. Being politicians doesn’t make them immune. The same applies to Trump. We all, at a certain age, you and I, have noticed in ourselves after the age of about 66-68-70, doing and forgetting things. Joke books are written about us. So………. the point? As a country in decline , we need to set an age limit for running for the presidency as well as some new guidelines as to who takes over other than the spouse who is equally elderly. If anyone is able and has been alive long enough, we can all recall Reagan developing Alzhiemer’s and Nancy covering for its progression by running the White House. We got lucky. We had no pandemic, Ukraine, lack of baby formula, supply chain issues , BLM riots or the “woke”… Instead of being overly sensitive to absolutely everything on earth, as Media has fomented in our emotionally hemophiliac society, we need to develop a more pragmatic outlook and try to salvage what is left the USA. Generations have worked to build it, wars have been fought and as the “older ” generation we are witnessing its decline into a third world country. NO leadership other than the MEDIA. Basing our future on the “Glory Days” as recalled by those too old to govern is not the way to go. Things are changing at a pace unimagined by most older Americans. Tech is winning and global decline goes unmentioned… Humans are a self limiting disease based on their greed and ego.

  2. pelosi and waters, and feinstein, are dumber than a BOX of ROCKS, all are in stage 3 dementia, we have a 90% senile congress and senate. The only way to stop it is VOTE OUT , VOTE OUT the STUPID , VOTE OUT the SENILE, VOTE OUT, those that should have retired long ago.

  3. What a bunch of very old SAD SACKS! Look at that picture, they all need to good to one of NYC finest nursing homes…… oh that’s right Cuomo pretty much decimated everyone living in them.


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