Pathetic Antifa Brats Try And Fail To Derail My College Tour



As a student at UH, I appreciate you for coming to speak Matt. Left wing students are livid on campus right now. It’s hilarious but also sad to see. As far as I can tell the student body in this university is largely left wing, so me and other conservatives get called names if we go against their agenda. Im lucky enough to be a “person of color” so they don’t always call me a KKK member as much as they do some other white conservative students. I’m sorry these people made us look so bad. Also, somehow the anti-transphobia group is calling their work last night a success , even though all they did is act like children, whining and screaming about fascism when they are in fact the real fascists.

Why is it too much to ask for them to just leave others, especially kids, alone?

As a Houstonian and UH alum, these individuals are an embarrassment


  1. Yeah, I remember when another group of idiots (Iranian students) on an AMERICAN university campus attempted to block and prevent students from entering buildings for their classes way back in 1979….it didn’t end well for them…..

  2. Obviously education is being wasted on these students if they call conservatives KKK. If they knew anything at all they should know that KKK was a Democrat thing. It was conservatives under Abe Lincoln that fought to free the slaves.

  3. Outsiders who , for their lives, have been left behind have finally found a cause, a spotlight and a platform , not to make change, but to draw attention to themselves and have support from idiots just like them. They feel they have finally found a slot, but soon, very soon, they will fade and be nobody again. Look at them.. Odd, morbidly outcast losers who need a purpose, because, gawd knows, education is not one of them. They have spent their lives having all things given to them before their time. We waited 12 years to get a diploma, they get one in Kindergarten. We waited to date , wear make up, own a car, drink, marry, OWN something. They dress like a teeny-ho at age ten, have sex/a baby/abortion by 12 , Mom and dad cart them around so they never worry about transportation. Give them all they demand in order to be a “good parent” HA!! By the time they are 16, what is left to anticipate? They know it all, have it all and have already DONE it all. What is left for them to look forward to? Is it any wonder they want to kill themselves and oftentimes do?


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