Ooops… Peter WINS Again!



Karine Jean-Pierre would create an illusion of being much more intelligent if she painted an open eye on each of her eyelids, so it would appear that she’s actually talking to reporters as she reads her notes.

Peter should just take the podium.


  1. This Brainless Pollack will Never Ever tell the TRUTH as long as she is a PUPPET in this FAKE and Parasite Infested Administration. Her Boss BRAIN DEAD Joey (China) Biden is still sitting in the White House. Nothing will Never Ever Change LIE after LIE after LIE.

    • Pollack?? She is brainless, but there’s nothing to indicate that she’s Polish… anyway, she sounds a lot like Kamala Harris. BTW, “Pollack” or “Polak” is a discriminatory term.

  2. Bo, you are definitely on target with your observations and opinion! However there is no way of convincing the Brain Dead Masses of Democrats of how harmful this Brain Dead President is to everyones.

    Open Borders to allow mass immigration, this delutes what an American is.

    No oil drilling and using the strategic oil reserves, while selling oil to China, is a duh.. Our national defense has entered an in-operable position to defend the nation on America’s soil.

    While everyone`s greed kicks in and applaud the President, rhey are cheering on Inflation. We will soon be an economy such as Cuba and Venezuela, where their people are starving. We are on the verge of economical collapse.

    Law and Order has collapsed and America is ran by thugs and Organized
    Criminals. Chaos rules to keep people focused elsewhere during the dismantling of Democracy and the Republic.

    We are approaching the status of a Third World Country, while our Billionaire and millionaire politicians continue to build their personal profolio while average American continues their dive into depravity.

    There is so much more to know and learn, but rest assured The One World Government is around the corner and upon us.

  3. Every assertion you make is completely wrong.
    Why don’t you read and watch ALL the news, not just right wing propaganda. Maybe we could make this country great if we worked together, instead of tearing down and making fun of people

  4. Peter please ask her why people like me should have to pay the debts of people that have the ability of making much more money in their lives than peoples like me? If they plan to pay my mortgage to help with my debts?

    I had to go to work after high school,could not afford the luxury of going to college ,so why should I and others who had to do the same have to pay the debt’s of the people who were fortunate enough to afford the luxury of going to college? Especially when they say that people who go to college make an average of $36,000 a year or roughly $1,500,000.00 in their lifetime more than those who did not go to college. I’m in debt with a mortgage,car payments,credit cards,etc. with that extra $1,500,000.00 they can afford to pay of a real nice house,nice car’s,vacation’s,plus there student loans and still afford a better lifestyle than those who couldn’t afford to go to college, SO PLEASE TELL ME WHY OUR TAX DOLLARS SHOULD PAY FOR THEIR COLLEGE DEBTS?


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