In this special episode, Dinesh reveals who is really running the country: not Joe Biden but rather–you guessed it–Barack Obama.  Obama virtually admitted recently that this was his aspiration.  Drawing on clips from his first blockbuster movie, Dinesh reveals the essence of Obama’s philosophy and shows how it developed, how it severely damaged America during Obama’s two terms, and how it’s back with a vengeance under the banner of Biden and Harris. Finally, Dinesh shows what is necessary for America is rescue itself from the ongoing destructive legacy of America’s first anti-American president.


Anyone else felt safer and more financially secure when trump was president?

A fascinating podcast. Dinesh is knowledgable and authoritative, as always.


  1. the dangerous influence behind the scene is caused by a Obama is Michelle Obama she is pure evil with her hatred of Whites

    • They claim white people are the races “WRONG” the blacks are the most races race in our country and blame the whites to justify their continuous races actions, I grew up around them and was attacked by them even in fifth grade daily. All the assaults on white elderly and murder of even are children is quickly swept under the rug and forgotten but, a black criminal dies committing a criminal a crime and they burn down cities and name avenues and streets after them. Time to stop their sh-t, their not power they just use violence’s to get what they want and their not going to take over are country and destroy our history, books, movies and replace everything with black black black, they can go back to their county they so proudly claim get out of ours, all they do is live off us and rape, rob, assault and murder white people, time to clean house and remove the garbage.

  2. Obama is bad news for America. We need leaders that will uphold our Constitution where we get our freedom from other wise all we have in the Whitehouse is a dictator.

  3. Obama needs to go to his private island and pray he never has to be accountable for his actions. Using Biden as his pet goat is his style.Take your Hollywood wanna be wife and your pot head kids a get to your island. The people are getting overly pissed off and they may find out what you and Joe Biden are up to! People are tired of being mad and very soon they’re gonna get even.

    • Well said, I foresee a house cleaning of these corrupted democrats, rigging the courts will not save them on pay-back-day!

  4. You claim to be a know it all on Obama, I heard you say he was Hawaiian born “WRONG,” his grandmother told the reporters in a interview before she died of old age that she remembered when he was born right there in her village and talked about him running around that village when he was little boy. I saw that interview before it was silenced and he refused to show a birth certificate, when later under pressure he had a fake birth certificate made. He should have had to show a LEGAL BIRTH CERTIFICATE to even run for ANY STATE OR GOVERNMENT possession, I can’t even get a drivers license with out one yet he can be president even after the issue of not showing a birth certificate get re-elected ? Criminals are controlling are country !


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