Newt Gingrich: Pelosi’s decision came back to bite her


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich weighs in on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s pledge to ban several Democratic lawmakers from serving on committees on ‘Hannity.’ #foxnews #fox #hannity


Pelosi needs to go from speaker to prison. She should not be allowed to sit back and live a comfortable retirement after what her, Biden, and the rest of the Democrats have done to this country.

PRISON for all of them . Treason is the least thing they should be charged with


  1. If the Republicans let the corrupt democrats go free they will only regroup and come back again. To stop the snake, one must cut off the head. Or it keeps biting you.

  2. Excuse me if I don’t believe in the American Justice System any longer. These turds have a license to steal and then to lie about it. I’m 72 now and I’m fairly certain I will never see “justice” again in the remainder of my life. Maybe we’ve all been incredibly naive for a good number of years and even a little blind as well for not seeing this coming. I’m living through it and I still can’t believe it’s happening right in front of my eyes!

  3. It just time to stop looking the other way When a new congress come into office. We definitely have a lot of clean up after the Democrats have unjustly and unconstitutionally crapped all over US. They are just like delinquent wild children that have never been disciplined. Its time to dish out what they have been given US and I promise the radical elite democrats are not going to like it. Too bad they should have thought about it before they trampled US. Then we must go even deeper. When these Crooks get out of office must prevent them from becoming “THE CRONIES” (create new rules) who still have a voice as to what they want. The Senate and Congress turn coats after being in office for 100’s of year now have the money which they stole from US to buy the new WH Congress and Senate. That’s why we have elect strong leader like Trump who can’t be bought! But now instead of being held responsible these crooks like Pelosi and husband / Fauci think they can just sail into the sunset with their money bags. I say NO WAY!


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