Newsom HUMILIATED, Comes Clean after Extreme Heat DESTROYS His Green EV Dreams



Man how many times does this guy get humiliated? First he tries to take shots at Ron DeSantis and fails epically, then we learn that not only did his father-in-law donate to Ron DeSantis’ campaign but also fled to Florida during the pandemic. And the Dems really think it’s a good idea to have this clown run for President in 2024.

His long-sleeve shirt indicates he is being pleasantly air-conitioned


  1. When he locked down California & would not allow his people to go too restaurants etc., etc., he the “KING”, could assemble a bunch of naughty (D) nincompoops at the French L , had a ball of a time??? That’s justice in your Axx. So 2 things that’s puzzling me. Joe leaves town, & like a quick lightning flash he is in the WH talking too “J” hoping to replace KH Joe’s VP. We black people don’t like a white Governor scheming to take over KH (you would loose bastard) thirdly, why you attacking Ron D? It seems like stupidity has entered your brain. Look after your people in California, don’t try to takeaway a black female job idiot.!!!!!!!!!

    • The only idiot in the room is you. Kamala Harris is a token to get the Black vote. Looks like it worked. The Black community votes straight skin color not qualifications. You should do your due diligence on knee pads Kamala she enjoyed putting Black people in jail while she was in Cali.

  2. My comment is to Singh. in the last sentence you should have referred to the Vice-president “don’t try to take an idiot black female, from the job’.

  3. OHHH, we tried to get this moron recalled, that’s when his dear auntie stepped in with her dark money and know how to rig an election and of course the dumb jerk is still governor for a while!

  4. When politicians mess directly in business decisions, given that most of them haven’t a clue about business, economy, etc., they make a mess of everything. If they leave it to the business folks and the economy – the change over in fuels will happen in a reasonable fashion. They cannot FORCE a change over without putting the country back on a footing with the dark ages!!! When much of the angst in this country is about our electrical grid, that seems to be something even a politician could understand won’t work for forcing folks to depend on electricity to drive and transport goods, etc. What is wrong with folks we have put in charge??? He is a prime example, but not the only one who seems to be brain dead!!!

  5. I live in CA and did not vote for this Jackass! How someone as dumb as him got in is questionable. His old auntie probably had something to do with it. Of course many of us question how she ever got voted in. It would seem anyone in their right mind would figure out that this whole no oil and only electricity would never work in the real world.

  6. What’s unreal is that our Vice President is being picked on, not for being black but for being as stupid as she is. Face it, there were many other other women that were much more qualified that were black and white that could have done this job 1000% better. Let’s stop the racist bull crap.& get rid of her & her boss.

  7. I try to feel sorry for the people of Cali but they elected this failure. I guess it’s true, “you reap what you sow” so deal with it!! Anyone who voted for Newsome or Pelosi deserves the trash, crime, fecal matter all over their streets, the diseases, electric shortages and anything else that comes their way. Actually, THEY are just as at fault as Newsome and Pelosi. I pray that the decent people of Cali can get out while they can.

  8. Newscum is related to the ugly stinky cement face old hag Pelosi. The only way to get him to come clean is to wash him with industrial strength ammonia and a wire scrub brush while wearing a Hazmat suit and gas mask. Newsum could out stink a septic tank.

  9. I lived in concord California for four years in the early 1980’s. It got to 105 regularly and 115 a few days. I got so hot that cars, especially pintos, who were parked at the bart station around 5:30 am had their windows blown out but the air in the car heating up in the afternoon.

    Concord in is the central part of California close to the Sacramento river.

    This idea that this is an unprecedented heat wave is a lie.


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