Lauren Boebert may be in trouble….



Amazing how it ALWAYS favours the dems, when it takes a longer than expected to count the votes

Running a Biden/Fetterman ticket for 2024 would be a no-brainer…


  1. Her race has all the earmarks of Democratic cheating. I just notice one race where the announced Republican winner ended up losing by 10 votes and the way this type of incident happens on a regular basis with the Democrats winning over 95% of the time seems more than a little suspicious to me. I hope all the fools that gave the Democrats the Senate and a very close race for the House realize what they did when all the insane bills these clowns are making destroy our lives, and our livelihoods.

    • Take them to court and also ask for a recount. Like we all witnessed even in Arizona the Democrats are corrupt and cheat like they always do in elections. The same holds true for PA , how do you elect a man that can’t even talk , or his policies of clearing out the prisons doesn’t make any common sense. The Republicans dropped the ball as most realized , when you have half of the votes were by people who voted early before witnessing the only debate Fetterman had with Dr Oz , which demonstrated his policies and what he stood for like against drilling for oil in PA . His hypocrisy was evident in saying he was against drilling than saying he was for it , he lied and people in PA didn’t realize it after they already voted 50 days before the election. Utter corruption on behalf of the Democrats however Republicans should have been involved in the early primaries but they didn’t do anything. Same holds true for MCConnell who funneled 9 million dollars to Murkowski in Alaska in stead of other Senate nominees in Arizona and New Hampshire.


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