I would recommend that they not demand everyone agree with every one of their mad positions


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Ben Shapiro
– ESPN commentator Sarah Spain went on an anti-religious tirade after a group of Tampa Bay baseball players decided to not wear a pride patch on their uniforms. Shapiro reacts.

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Ben is spot-on here. As a libertarian I don’t care if someone is LGBTQI+etc. and I don’t care if they have a parade like Christians or Jews or anyone else. But the moment anyone forces me to change my behavior or wear a flag or a pin or whatever it might be, that’s where I draw a big fat red line. For any group. They can all invite me to join their groups and I can politely decline. That should just be common f*ing sense.

Everything short of “jiggling and girating” (thank you Eric July) at a pride parade with the LGBT crowd will never, ever, be enough. Don’t let people force you to conform, and don’t apologize.

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