Hunter Biden Caught SMOKING CRACK



Luckily he never tried to buy a firearm during a time when he was taking illegal drugs, that would be a felony. And thank goodness he didn’t just drop any firearms he might have bought in a trash can near a school. And thank goodness he didn’t share a bank account with his dad full of money obtained through corrupt political deals. All that would be terrible, thank goodness that ‘definitely’ never happened.

The drinking is drinking. The Crack, however… His Father helped make laws that put countless people in prison for doing the same thing. That is the unacceptable part.


  1. And This is News Why? Hunter Biden is a Complete Derelict POS, & the MSM will do NOTHING About Holding Him & His Equally Deplorable Father to ANY Standards as They Did the Trumps! This Family is Giving Them All the Material They Need & They Wouldn’t Have to Continuously Lie as They Did /Do About the Trump Family!!! 🤬🤮🤬🤮🤬🤮🤢🤢🤢

  2. Joe the big guy biden caught in another stream of lies, denying how the big guys crime family sold out America for personal financial gain.The investigations should be ongoing now, not after the midterms,this makes the democrats complict in their family crimes, also the DOJ, for covering up their now oblivious international crime family corruption.Our National Securityis at risk, accountable.

  3. I just wish I would stop seeing comments about him throwing his gun in the dumpster. He had no involvement with that. Don’t get me wrong, I think Hunter belongs in jail sharing a cell with his dad. But get the facts straight. He’s pulled enough crap that we don’t need to make stuff up.

    • Marc, maybe you need to grow up. I have seen enough of Biden’s Crime family to know that a freaking gun in a trash can is one of the lesser crimes…..he has done a lot worst and as far as I am concerned, if the media publicized it, it was probably true ! God know what he may have done with that gun?

  4. Hunter biden is the smartest person biden knows.

    That mean al gore, John Kerry, mayorkas, buttingay, Garland, Kamal, and pelosi are even more dumb then a crackhead!

    I guess we knew that though didn’t we.

  5. Well I guess Hunter’s bank account just got bigger from the sale for the pipeline in Pennsylvania to China.

    Maybe if the repair shop that has his laptop would look harder maybe they will see the emails to Jeffrey Epstein begging Epstein to let him and the “big guy” come to the

    If I ever run into him out here in CA, he better start running.

  6. All of the crap about the Biden Family is not BS News. It is even sorst than you have seen, so Ann, why don’t you go back to your CNN and MSNBC and leave the rest of us alone, moron! These mental midgets just make me sick!

  7. The democrat criminal syndicate inclusive of the biden’s, chintons, soros, schiff, obama’s, Schumer, nedlar, pelosi, Newsom and inslee are all completely corrupt.

    Only fools vote democrat


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