How Stupid Does The FBI Think We Are?


Correspondent Kevin Corke reports the latest on the resignation and the allegations surrounding the Hunter Biden investigation. #FoxNews


We have been hearing about this laptop for over 2 years…. nothing, absolutely nothing, will be done. Sad for America, and sad for the decent and law abiding citizens.

Despite his “retirement” he should be forced to appear in Congress to testify on his actions.


  1. It is a common problem with democrats / liberals / progressives. They are actaully not very bright, but they think they are. The result is they think everyone else is dumb enough they will not see the corruption and silly logic .

  2. Many and I mean many FBI Agents felt like fools showing up at Mer Largo with assault weapons and no Ammo nor did they have any idea who they were suppose to be assaulting ..

  3. The agent- Hunter connected should lose his pension- pay a fine – and tell his fellow agents how stupid he is and go to jail for a long time. As is the FBI has lost respect of the people especially those in Washington the so called leaders ( of what lies-lies and more lies ) let them try to tell the truth for once, would be a change for sure !!!!!

  4. Now Mr. Trump knows what me and my woman name Joyce Sasnett been through with this satanic evil American government when the police helped cps to kidnapped our three kids. And they violated all of our rights as Americans and as human beings. There was no reason whatsover for them to take away our three kids. There was no crime no abuse. They just kidnapped our three kids. We never had a fair trial and never got heard. Everything I’m saying I can back it up because I got proof right here with us and we have witnesses to this fact too. We tried and tried to get justice but to no avail because they refused us justice. I mean we tried every legal means. I have told the FBI what happen and they refused us justice and I wrote to Department Of Justice and again they refused to hear us. So we know what Donald Trump is going through believe me. Now this incident I’m referring to the first incident happened 2003 with our 2 girls and in 2006 we had a baby boy and they came to the hospital and took him. And to this day we still have no contact with our three kids. There was biasd against us, and we read the court transcript and the court told nothing but lies in the court transcript. To this day we hate the government the police, the sheriff’s department, the FBI, and Department Of Justice. I even told them that we are not backing down from them either. We cannot believe that our own government turned on us. And to this day this whole situation has really traumatized us. In our case we had no equal justice. This makes us a shame to be called Americans. Me and Joyce feel violated to the core. We will never forget what this satanic evil American government have done to us. The police departments and sheriff’s departments are in cahoots with the CPS, FBI and Department Of Justice. And I have told people in the past and present to stand up against the government and they refused and just because of their refusal, now look what happened. This is what you get by not listening. You keep letting your government get by with everything and the government knows the American people are cowards when it comes to this evil American government.We need to take this country back. This whole American so called justice system has failed us terribly. And we are still furious over this. And they have undermind our family structure. And now to this day, we are going through something else. Joyce has stage 4 breast cancer. And I been worrying about her everyday and night. I even cry a lot over her. So please pray for her. So I just wanted to tell you all the truth of what this evil government did to us. That’s why we say defund the FBI and DOJ. No Justice No Peace.

  5. Everybody has something against the US Government, but they never tell why. If you only want us to know that +1=2, please let us know exactly what comes before the +. We will want to know what happened before your side of the story, then we can unjustify the wrongs you are stating. Sorry, but there is no smoke without a fire.

  6. It seems that over the years there have been careers wrecked, disbarment, even prison for politicians who “Lied to the FBI”! Why is it when an agent LIES and does something, possibly worse in this case, nothing happens to them. Except McCabe he did get fired, hired immediately by CNN (probably for big bucks) then completely exonerated by Biden with all benefits restored??


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