Couple FINED $1500 For Ordinary Thing They Did In Own Driveway



They can’t park in their own driveway, yet, if a homeless person decided to pitch a tent in their driveway that would be A-O.k. California is a beautiful state, it’s criminal what has happened to it.

This is so stupid. What goes around comes around. I hope whomever reported them gets the same serving soon. But to be quite honest, collectively, citizens in California chose these sick law makers. So you want change? Do something!!!


  1. The only thing one can say about the bidens, you can fxxx some of the people some of the time, but not all the people, all the time, enjoy the benefits you received from your sales of American oil, to the slave drivers of communist China. WTF, kind of energy policy do uou have?

  2. I would feel bad for Californians. but they thought they were being cool and in crowd voting for democrats the last 50 years. they did it to themselves. just like Chicago, Detroit, Seattle, Baltimore, new York, Portland, Eugene, and so many other cities that thought they were being cool voting democrat. Now they have restrictive laws for people who work and own things and a free for all for vagrants, drug addicts and criminals. While US citizens have almost no rights the illegal aliens get free housing, food, phones, transportation, k-12 schooling, free college, and the right to vote.

    unlike like a US citizen an illegal alien does not even have to pass the driving or written test to get a drivers license. they also do not have to prove their address or any other legal document.

    What is most hilarious is that newsom actually built an tv ad claiming people for Florida should move to California for freedom! that is how out of touch the democrats are with the disasters they have created.

    Well newsom it right. in Florida you can only kill your baby up until 16 weeks while in California you can kill them whenever you want. in California adults can legally have sex with your children when they are 14 years old. in San Francisco you can walk around naked. so they do have those freedoms that Florida does not have.

    • If your husband was being forced to transfer to California, he should bring in a recording from Johnny Paycheck and play it in front of the boss. The recording is “Take This Job And Shove it.”

  3. Is California really that far gone. This is how a blue state runs ??? How do they keep anyone living there ??? One wonders if the Hollywood elites get fined for parking in their driveways ??? Or the state building parking lots . Does everyone get finded for parking there ??? Then there’s the story’s lots , can’t park there either or you get fined.


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