Biden’s Plan for Electric Cars Was Just Made Illegal


Biden’s Plan for Electric Cars Was Just Made Illegal, DIY and car review Scotty Kilmer. Electric car review. V8 engines are coming back after the supreme court made the government’s plans illegal. Buying a used electric car. Should I buy an electric car. Why not to buy a electric car. The truth about owning an electric car. Car advice. DIY car repair with Scotty Kilmer, an auto mechanic for the last 54 years.


Politicians and agencies too often try to regulate first, and hope that infrastructure eventually catches up. The infrastructure needs to come first at a controlled and measured rate, then the lifestyle changes will happen organically. In other words, build the electrical infrastructure that is clean and can withstand the demands of widespread EVs first. The energy that powers our day to day lives should be diverse, otherwise we are in danger of everything coming to a screeching halt in the event of a system breakdown. In an all electric home, basic needs like heat, hot water and transportation become unavailable in a power outage.

We have reached a point where trying to conform to the environmental protection agency is now compromising reliability of automobiles. If a car is totaled because of a turbo charger or a CVT transmission or gas direct injection because the repairs to these systems exceed the value of the car then how have we been responsible with energy and resources? I think it’s high time that we take a step back and we allow technology to catch up with the unreasonable demands of a federal bureaucracy that should not be making laws or taking away the responsibility of making laws of the legislature.


  1. Where is the money coming from for all of us to buy an electric car? I understand it costs $33.00 to charge it up for a six mile drive. That’s crazy. Where are the new houses he promised everyone? Where is the last stimulus he promised. Now his MOONshot is another stupid idea. Adolph Hitler had a cure for Diabetes back during world war 2. Joe Biden and Kamala hARRIS ARE BOTH BRAIN DEAD.


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