Biden Makes ‘Embarrassing’ Gaffe After His ‘Brain Breaks’


Joe Biden made an “embarrassing” gaffe during his speech at an arrival ceremony in Israel today as he mistakenly said we must keep alive the “honor of the Holocaust”. The president made the blunder just after landing outside Tel Aviv to kick start a three-day visit to Israel and the West Bank before traveling to Saudi Arabia. The 79-year-old’s critics have been slamming the “embarrassing” moment. “Biden leaves crowd in stunned silence during official Israel visit after telling them to “keep alive the honor of the Holocaust” after his brain breaks,” said Benny Johnson. “This administration can’t go a single day without embarrassing itself,” the Daily Caller said.


It must be terribly frustrating and humiliating for foreign leaders to have to pretend that they are dealing with a normal functioning human being let alone a “President “

Once again, our leader on the world stage embarrassing every American citizen. Please stop giving this man access to a microphone!


  1. This babbling,blithering,buffoon, can’t be allowed to visit, or talk to heads of state. He has stage 3 dementia and doesn’t have a clue what,where,when, he is unfit for job, and to lead, and needs to be removed,immediately. He a embarrassment,failure, and a danger to the US and our allies. Would u let a mentally ill person, next to a nuclear, button, if he said I want to start WW3. There u go,joe needs to go.

  2. Joe Biden President, loves this Country so much he does not want to see his fellow Americans hurting over high gasoline cost, high energy cost, shortages, have decided to take the risk of our Nations National Security and use our National Reserve oil to lower gas prices at the pump. Mr. President, Hunter is on the line, say what, will have to ship that oil to China instead, what about your promise to the American people. The world would like an answer to that question.

  3. The entire democrat party has become an embarrassing gaffe. for that matter liberals throughout the world have become an embarrassing gaffe to society. look at Trudeau! he is a buffoon too.

  4. Is any bill that Joe has signed legal? We all know that Joe isn’t playing with a deck. He shows signs of dementia. Is that why he and his handlers won’t let him take a cognition test?

  5. This joke needs to continue staying in the basement. The entire world is talking about this puppet that calls himself the President.

  6. God help us, “The once mighty ship the USA is sinking fast”. some say that Putin is the problem, while Putin is indeed a terrible person, he is not solely responsible, for the nightmare that has befallen the American people. It’s the congressmen & women of both the Democrats & the Republican parties who are responsible for the demise of our once beautiful country.
    R M SINGH Tampa Bay, Florida,.USA.


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